Getting there

Getting to the Hive

The Hive is located in central Portugal near Góis (20km) 3 km south of the small town of Colmeal, 25 km north of Pampilhosa da Serra

By car

from Lisbon – up to 4 hours via Coimbra (approx 261k).
from Porto – up to 3 hours via Gòis (approx 185k).
from Santander (Cantabria, Spain) 6-8 hours (approx 640k).

By bus from Coimbra

Daily (week days) bus from Coimbra to Gòis at 14.30, arrives 15.50
Four Daily buses to Moita da Serra near Arganil
Frequent buses to Vila Nova de Poiares

You can arrange beforehand getting picked up from Gòis or Vila Nova de Poiares on a Wednesday up to 7pm, and Moita da Serra on a Thursday before 2pm (it’s market day in nearby town Arganil) is another possibility.
[expect to contribute towards fuel costs]

Bus timetables – Arganil/Gois | Vila Nova de Poiares

As a final note on transport options, people have arrived at the Hive by hitching and cycling so plenty possibilities